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Skyshop Worldwide is a premier shipping company with years of experience in international delivery and logistics services. Our services are specially tailored to help our customers ship their goods from UK, US, and China directly to their doorstep in Nigeria at extra fast and very affordable rates.

Some of our special services include a dedicated Shop for Me service where we run assisted purchases for goods ranging from popular online fashion sites to mobile, tech gadgets and accessories and even heavy-duty machineries and so on. We also give our customers free US, UK & China shipping address/hub from where we then ship to their location in Nigeria to help facilitate their shipping needs, this is especially very important when shopping from foreign online websites that do not ship directly to Nigeria. Another important service we render is a very efficient consolidated shipping service where our customers have the opportunity of aggregating more goods together in other to reduce the cost of shipping.

Our services are used by some of the top small, medium and large-scale importation business owners in Nigeria and our delivery and satisfaction rates are premium rated.

How it Works

Shop Abroad

SkyShop is a platform designed to enable you to shop in the USA, UK/Europe and China

Your Personalized address in the USA, UK and China

You will get your personalized addresses when you register for SkyShop. The addresses become your shipping address anytime you choose to shop online in those countries.

Shop and Send To Your Address

The online stores will deliver your purchased goods to your personalised addresses

Track & Trace

With SkyShop you can have updates about your shipment. Our track and trace enable you to track your orders and know their status.

Competitive Price

SkyShop price is very competitive. You can make use of our calculator to know in advance the exact total cost of delivering your packages to your door.

We Deliver To Your Door

Excellent shipping service as we ensure your goods are timely delivered to your location in Nigeria.


When you buy goods from multiple stores, we combine your packages together and ship to you as one single shipment

Clearing and Customs Payment in your country

Custom payments are issued by the customs office on goods arrival and are exclusive of shipping cost.

Your Best Bet in Shopping Experience

Were you unable to shop on a particular website or your card was not accepted ?
We have an assisted purchase service that gives you an easy option to shop from your desired store.
To place a Shop for me request, kindly Sign in to your account if you have already registered or Click to Sign up on our platform.
After signing in, Click on the Shop for me Button in your dashboard and complete the form as appropriate.

Value Added Service

Fully Insured

You get full insurance using our Shipping service anywhere.

Combine & Save

You get to save some Shopping and Shipment fees.

Free Repackaging

You get your goods Well Packaged for shipment.

18-hrs Live Support

We offer you full 18-hrs Unconditional Online Support.

14 Days Free Storage

You get access to our 14 days free storage facility

Enjoy Fast Air Shipping to all African Countries

We offer you a fast and affordable air shipment to all African countries


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for using the SkyShop?

SkyShop Worldwide is a platform that allows you to shop for your favorite products from websites in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China - all from the comfort of your own home.
All you have to do is sign up for a free account on our website and begin shopping.
We also have an assisted purchase service that allows you to easily shop from your preferred store.

Note: This is the link for assisted purchase service

How much time does it usually take for my goods to reach Nigeria?

The duration varies based on the specific country from which you plan to import your goods into Nigeria.

UK: 3 - 5 working days
US: 7 - 12 working days
CHINA: 10 - 15 working days

What shipping methods does skyshop use?

We utilize both Air freight and Sea freight for shipping purposes.

What are the customs duties for importing goods into Nigeria?

For the UK and US, the Custom Duty is 15-20% of the total cost of the item, while the Custom Duty for China is ₦700/kg.

How do I track my shipment?

Simply track your shipment by entering your Tracking ID on the “Track a Product” page.

*Note that only the Tracking ID assigned to you for your shipment will work for tracking.

What is the “Shop for Me” feature about?

The Shop for Me feature is an assisted purchase service that gives you an easy option to shop from your desired store in the US.

*It is only available to those who want to import goods from the US.

What types of goods does skyshop import?

Goods like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, hair, wristwatches, bluetooth, LED light, blender, ring light, mini fans, cosmetics cream, mini-speakers, sex toys, gel, COVID-19 goods (face masks, face shields, thermometers), etc. can be imported by Skyshop.

What types of goods does skyshop not import?

Goods like Power banks, Phones, Laptops, Liquids with Alcohol like perfumes as well as illegal goods cannot be imported by Skyshop.

What is your shipping fee from the UK?

It is $9.58 for 0.5kg and for any additional 0.5kg, you will pay $3.49 which is exclusive of customs duty.

The Custom duty fee will be 15-20% of the total cost of the item.


What they are saying about us

Skyshop has really made mini importation business in Nigeria very easy, I like the fact that I can shop from China.

Max Malcolm

I am very satisfied. I use the courier countlessly.

Maryam Mansury

So far, I have enjoyed swift response and delivery.



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